Cheap Montblanc Pens presents a series of John Lennon writing tools to pay tribute to the artist!

In 2010 coincides with the 70th anniversary of John Lennon's birth, Cheap Mont Blanc Pens presented a series of John Lennon writing tools to its long-term immortal achievements in lyrics, music, and art The pursuit of freedom and peace of life philosophy. The most expensive of these mont blanc pens series is the limited edition of 70 John Lennon limited edition 70 to represent the 70th anniversary of Lennon's birth. White gold pen engraved "Imagine" 7 English letters; pen and cap under the transparent blue resin and a pencil sapphire, a symbol of Lennon often wear signs blue round glasses; pen on the three diamonds, on behalf of The "Imagine" a chord; mont blanc pens tail black and white piano paint decoration symbol Lennon's musical talent; 18K gold pen mouth engraved with Lennon's self-portrait.

John Lennon Memorial Series 1940 limited to 1940 to represent the year of Lennon birth; guitar handle mont blanc pens set in a blue Danquan stone (tanzanite), a symbol of Lennon often wear blue round glasses; pen Engraved with "Imagine" a release date 02.10.1971 words and Lennon self-portrait pattern; 18K gold-plated pen mouth engraved with symbols. John Lennon special series of 2010 design contains the 20th century, 50-60 years of music and cultural elements to the music wizards to pay tribute: black resin pen and pen cap has a fine pit pattern, symbol of the appearance of vinyl records ; Hand-shaped like a guitar handle (with strings and strings); hand-carved 18K gold pen mouth symbolizes the symbol of peace, the front of the pen ring engraved with John Lennon self-portrait (he often self-portrait Replace the signature) to highlight the deep meaning of this series.

Hugh Jackman dialogue Cheap Mont Blanc Pens, as Mont Blanc spokesperson talk about the dream of a child now come true!


On January 20, 2014, Mont Blanc announced that Hugh Jackman has become the new global brand spokesperson (except the US market) at the 24th Geneva Senior Watch and Jewelery Show in 2014. For this news, many newspapers are particularly looking forward to Hugh Jackman's performance, and now let's take a look at Hugh Jackman's dialogue with Mont Blanc!"


We are honored to announce that we can work with Hugh Jackman and welcome him to join us in Mont Blanc," said Jerome Lambert, president of Mont Blanc International Group. All of the outstanding qualities of Hugh Jackman are complemented by the Mont Blanc brand, which is elegant and talented and dedicated to the cause of the arts. It can be said to be the leader in the industry. With his superb superb skills to stimulate, infected and captured the hearts of the audience around the world.


"I am honored to be a member of Mont Blanc in the Mont Blanc brand," said Hugh Jackman, the new global brand spokesperson for Mont Blanc. Mont Blanc brand has an outstanding philosophy, Has a long history and created a series of exquisite chic products, all this makes me admire for a long time.


1, what kind of opportunity to make you and Montblanc have such a cooperation?


Hugh Jackman: When Mont Blanc asked if I wanted to join the family as a spokesperson for the brand, I was very happy and honored. I've always enjoyed the Mont Blanc brand. It has a fascinating brand history, impressive product quality and unique product design. When such a well-known iconic brand to send you a cooperation invitation, I can not think of any reason to refuse.


2, after you become Mont Blanc global brand spokesperson, the most looking forward to what?


Hugh Jackman: Hugh Jackman: I am looking forward to going to Mont Blanc's master crafts workshop in Hamburg, Germany, as well as two watch factories in Switzerland Jura and leather factory in Florence, Italy , Witnessed these fascinating products from design to production of the whole process. I also hope that together with Mont Blanc for the cause of art and culture to give their own part.


3, Mont Blanc in the field of art has been very active. How do you think about this?


Hugh Jackman: the development of the arts cause more and more need the support of all funds, whether it is from the public funds or private capital injection. I will work with Mont Blanc to support the development and prosperity of the arts. In the past few years, Mont Blanc for the support of the arts can be described as fruitful, both for visual artists, musicians, dancers, or the director of the play are given considerable support. In the future, I will actively participate in a variety of charitable activities, do everything I can to make their due contribution.


4, you often need to rush day and night, from one continent to another continent, this case, how do you plan, reasonable arrangements for their own time?


Hugh Jackman: I try to keep my body through fitness and a balanced diet and take as much rest as possible. It is a challenge to adjust the time difference every time you fly to a place. And as Mont Blanc one of the biggest benefits of the global brand spokesperson is that I can always wear Montblanc chronograph. I am very aware of these watch products are popular, and I am deeply no matter where I am, they can make me on time, in an orderly manner to deal with the affairs.

5, what is your next work arrangement?

Hugh Jackman: At the moment I am filing a film in South Africa and a "partner" directed by Neil Bloom Kemp. But I know that everyone wants to hear about Wolverine. In recent years, fortunate enough to take so many exciting characters, I am very lucky. There will be more opportunities in the near future. There is a very big work is being prepared, but now I want to keep you secret!

6, what kind of watch are you wearing tonight?

Hugh Jackman: tonight I wear is Montblanc large class heritage series calendar watch. It is a constant and timeless, while both advanced and complex function of the watch products, configuration of the calendar function can always accurately show the date and no manual adjustment. There is no doubt that this is an artistic product, but also with practicality. I was told that each watch had to go through a 500-hour quality test. It is said that this watch will not be listed this summer, so I am really able to wear it tonight is really a high honor!