Cheap Montblanc Pens presents a series of John Lennon writing tools to pay tribute to the artist!

In 2010 coincides with the 70th anniversary of John Lennon's birth, Cheap Mont Blanc Pens presented a series of John Lennon writing tools to its long-term immortal achievements in lyrics, music, and art The pursuit of freedom and peace of life philosophy. The most expensive of these mont blanc pens series is the limited edition of 70 John Lennon limited edition 70 to represent the 70th anniversary of Lennon's birth. White gold pen engraved "Imagine" 7 English letters; pen and cap under the transparent blue resin and a pencil sapphire, a symbol of Lennon often wear signs blue round glasses; pen on the three diamonds, on behalf of The "Imagine" a chord; mont blanc pens tail black and white piano paint decoration symbol Lennon's musical talent; 18K gold pen mouth engraved with Lennon's self-portrait.

John Lennon Memorial Series 1940 limited to 1940 to represent the year of Lennon birth; guitar handle mont blanc pens set in a blue Danquan stone (tanzanite), a symbol of Lennon often wear blue round glasses; pen Engraved with "Imagine" a release date 02.10.1971 words and Lennon self-portrait pattern; 18K gold-plated pen mouth engraved with symbols. John Lennon special series of 2010 design contains the 20th century, 50-60 years of music and cultural elements to the music wizards to pay tribute: black resin pen and pen cap has a fine pit pattern, symbol of the appearance of vinyl records ; Hand-shaped like a guitar handle (with strings and strings); hand-carved 18K gold pen mouth symbolizes the symbol of peace, the front of the pen ring engraved with John Lennon self-portrait (he often self-portrait Replace the signature) to highlight the deep meaning of this series.

Mont Blanc Pens Discount launched 2018 new legendary extreme male Eau de Toilette, show generous extreme gentle gentleman atmosphere!

Classic bottle reproduction

For generations, Mont Blanc Pens Discount has been known for its high-quality writing tools. The legendary ultimate Eau De Toilette has been inspired by Montblanc's Startwalker series of metallic metal, with a metallic luster, Molecular elements of color, perfect character Mont Blanc Pens Discount determined masculine charm, added the power of appearance and pure elegance. The box is displayed in red and the Montblanc is sensuous and filled with a gentleman's atmosphere. Exquisite carved in the top of the bottle and cap, symbolic hexagonal white star logo, has always been Montblanc important creation of the eternal mark, like a white portrait of the portrait of standing. While the curved bottle shows a strong and supple curve, like the Montblanc name pen in the palm of the hand.

The ultimate transmission of the ultimate

Legend of the ultimate male Eau de Toilette perfume division Olivier Pescheux single-handedly to fresh bergamot and cardamom fruit blend of spicy fragrance, bring out a man calm and introverted personality, showing a mature man's unique leadership charm. Cedar is vaguely brought out of wood fragrance, with Mont Blanc Pens Discount patented notes Pomarose, as if the roses mixed with red apple aroma, people feel vibrant, warm, perfect interpretation of gentle gentleman atmosphere. And finally from the East beans to deploy a unique flavor, with the moss from the moss taste of refining, so attractive and deep, the success of all kinds of fragrance perfect and harmonious integration together, and finally add a little sandalwood, As if to enter a seductive mysterious adventure, to explore the man unfathomable refined connotation, add to people difficult to resist the unique charm.

This fragrance perfect combination of spices to reconcile warm fragrance, between the two is so strong contrast, the legendary extreme male Eau de Toilette can be rigid and soft and harmonious coordination, successful performance of a man calm and introverted personality and gentle gentleman atmosphere.