Cheap Montblanc Pens presents a series of John Lennon writing tools to pay tribute to the artist!

In 2010 coincides with the 70th anniversary of John Lennon's birth, Cheap Mont Blanc Pens presented a series of John Lennon writing tools to its long-term immortal achievements in lyrics, music, and art The pursuit of freedom and peace of life philosophy. The most expensive of these mont blanc pens series is the limited edition of 70 John Lennon limited edition 70 to represent the 70th anniversary of Lennon's birth. White gold pen engraved "Imagine" 7 English letters; pen and cap under the transparent blue resin and a pencil sapphire, a symbol of Lennon often wear signs blue round glasses; pen on the three diamonds, on behalf of The "Imagine" a chord; mont blanc pens tail black and white piano paint decoration symbol Lennon's musical talent; 18K gold pen mouth engraved with Lennon's self-portrait.

John Lennon Memorial Series 1940 limited to 1940 to represent the year of Lennon birth; guitar handle mont blanc pens set in a blue Danquan stone (tanzanite), a symbol of Lennon often wear blue round glasses; pen Engraved with "Imagine" a release date 02.10.1971 words and Lennon self-portrait pattern; 18K gold-plated pen mouth engraved with symbols. John Lennon special series of 2010 design contains the 20th century, 50-60 years of music and cultural elements to the music wizards to pay tribute: black resin pen and pen cap has a fine pit pattern, symbol of the appearance of vinyl records ; Hand-shaped like a guitar handle (with strings and strings); hand-carved 18K gold pen mouth symbolizes the symbol of peace, the front of the pen ring engraved with John Lennon self-portrait (he often self-portrait Replace the signature) to highlight the deep meaning of this series.

Mont Blanc Pens For Sale - Mont Blanc star classic series of watches in October 2013 invited you to leave a mood story, take you to find another yourself!

Have you ever met another one in the world? Understand my emotions, accompany me through joy and sadness. From the beginning, goodbye, agreed, accompanied, until the last eternal, this love, increasingly strong, pure and gentle. Like a pair of pairs of the table, waving their wrist on each other minutes and seconds, unknowingly, together to the eternal.

Mont Blanc star classic series of watches is a series of classical elegance of the watch, combined with a hundred years to high quality unique design aesthetic and traditional Swiss watchmaking skills. Follow the top of the Swiss watchmaking tradition, this series is full of classical beauty watches, including diamond ladies watch, K gold and stainless steel two-color chain with a table, etc., can be used as a lover on the table, as everlasting eternal vows.

The beginning of the heart

Meet, is the encounter of life. Grew up in the play, growing up in the knowledge, in the knowledge of love. Everything is so natural, so plain. Life if only as seen, every time the temptation of the moment is eternal. Able to cross the timeless eternal beauty of the watch is the most sultry. At the same time with the beauty of the process, the traditional Swiss watch the exact, Mont Blanc Pens classic two-color chain with automatic watch, warm and overflowing 18K rose gold and cold color of the steel material common chain out of the two-color case and bracelet, The formation of a strong contrast, as the classical watch the most chic and fashionable fresh works.


People communicate with the mind, wine, thousands of cups of young people less than the mood, meet in the vast sea, know each other in understanding and tolerance. Mont Blanc star classic crocodile leather strap and 18K rose gold table deduction to Junya slim body design, bringing a long time against the classical aesthetic style. Rose gold to create a bottom cover is not wearing a piece of sapphire crystal, white mother of pearl dial crystal pearl, and the pointer, the scale of warm rose golden embraced, warm color caused by the ancient quiet, blooming ancient immortal elegance Beauty.

Agreed promise

For a pious prayer, through the temptation, calendar to Cangxue, only in the top of the three students, marriage stone, carved you my love, in those amazing time, accompanied by old. What treasures, than the glittering gold can represent the eternal promise. Bright golden, let the eyes of a woman shot the same hot light. Mont Blanc star classic two-color chain with automatic watch gold two-color flashing off, rich changes in metallic color, the table set off to more bright and moving. Curved sapphire crystal with silver candy and mother of pearl dial, together to create a colorful light and shadow feast, wrist every swing, are turned out of the unprecedented dance of light.

Intellectual concomitant

Many times without too much words, with the precipitation of time, each gradually formed a silent tacit understanding. Understand your smile in the words of love, after the silence of the sincere, mutual appreciation, not only beautiful mood, more beautiful future life. Mont Blanc star classic steel chain with automatic watch with breathtaking charm, the classic and classic set together, together with the silver stainless steel bracelet, reflecting the strong simple fashion, silver carved dial dial memorable. Pop blooming world, the pursuit of simple pure life, Mont Blanc Pens will be the ancient culture of the magic evolved into the hearts of art, across time and space, forever with. Keep the eternity

It is the test of time and destiny. "I am not your shadow, but with you forever." The most ordinary waiting, the oldest oath, but the most exciting move. Life is only one thing focused, I only waiting for a person, together cherish the eternal edge. Just as Mont Blanc star classic semi-matte brown and gray crocodile belt automatic watch "less is the beauty" of the essence, female table with white beads Zhu Zhenbei dial crystal luster, and male watch used in the silver carving Pattern dial, are mixed with the color of steel out of the moving son of the sonata, simple rhodium-plated scale and numbers, always record you and I spend days. Elegant and low-key, showing clear, slim paste service, Junya taste naturally revealed, when the flashy faded, only true love forever.