Cheap Montblanc Pens presents a series of John Lennon writing tools to pay tribute to the artist!

In 2010 coincides with the 70th anniversary of John Lennon's birth, Cheap Mont Blanc Pens presented a series of John Lennon writing tools to its long-term immortal achievements in lyrics, music, and art The pursuit of freedom and peace of life philosophy. The most expensive of these mont blanc pens series is the limited edition of 70 John Lennon limited edition 70 to represent the 70th anniversary of Lennon's birth. White gold pen engraved "Imagine" 7 English letters; pen and cap under the transparent blue resin and a pencil sapphire, a symbol of Lennon often wear signs blue round glasses; pen on the three diamonds, on behalf of The "Imagine" a chord; mont blanc pens tail black and white piano paint decoration symbol Lennon's musical talent; 18K gold pen mouth engraved with Lennon's self-portrait.

John Lennon Memorial Series 1940 limited to 1940 to represent the year of Lennon birth; guitar handle mont blanc pens set in a blue Danquan stone (tanzanite), a symbol of Lennon often wear blue round glasses; pen Engraved with "Imagine" a release date 02.10.1971 words and Lennon self-portrait pattern; 18K gold-plated pen mouth engraved with symbols. John Lennon special series of 2010 design contains the 20th century, 50-60 years of music and cultural elements to the music wizards to pay tribute: black resin pen and pen cap has a fine pit pattern, symbol of the appearance of vinyl records ; Hand-shaped like a guitar handle (with strings and strings); hand-carved 18K gold pen mouth symbolizes the symbol of peace, the front of the pen ring engraved with John Lennon self-portrait (he often self-portrait Replace the signature) to highlight the deep meaning of this series.

Mont Blanc Pens Online -  Montblanc fine watch gift 2013 Christmas for the love of mind

Christmas season has always been a favorite holiday, this festival has a very significant significance, this is a family happy day, this is a blessing each other on the day. In this day, each watch brand will introduce some of the corresponding products for Christmas gifts. Mont Blanc Pens Online specially selected a series of ingenious watch gift 2013 Christmas, let us look together.

MontBlanc Star Classic Star Classique Series Rose Gold Diamond Automatic Ladies watch

A classic watch can withstand the trend of the replacement and the baptism of time, but also to accompany you through every important moment of life the best partner. Men may wish to consider sending her Montblanc Star Classique Lady Automatic watch, showing you can withstand the test of time to love, to keep the beautiful moment.

Montblanc Star Classique Lady Automatic watch is a series of classical elegance of the watch, combined with a hundred years to high quality unique design aesthetic and traditional Swiss watchmaking skills. Because this series of watches from the Mont Blanc Pens Online original, so there is no similar shape before the watch, the future has not been time to wash away the fear of being forgotten. They have an immortal and elegant design, regardless of the past or the future, are able to endure the charm of the unique taste of people from all walks of life. Classical elements, top materials, expertise and decorative details are a temporary choice. This series is full of classical beauty table with a variety of options, including diamond ladies watch, K gold and stainless steel two-color chain with watches and so on. The latter stainless steel two-color chain with a table can be used as a lover on the table, as everlasting eternal vows.

How can there be any treasures, than in the watch bezel set with 72 bright cut top diamonds (total weight of about 0.526 karats) plus seductive? Diamond fire color, let the eyes of women shot like a hot light The Flashing out of the diamond glory, white mother of pearl dial crystal pearl, with the pointer, the scale of warm rose gold embraced each other, plus small seconds on the face plate of the Mont Blanc Pens Online hexagonal white star trademark, together to create a colorful light and shadow feast, Wrist every swing, are turned into an unprecedented dance of light dance. Interpretation of the stage at huge sums of money to 18K rose gold to create: full of classical elegance, slim cast round case size is only 34 mm, ultra-thin type is impressive, only 8.98 mm, carefully created Strong three-dimensional sense, structured and smooth lines of the ear, 18K rose gold crown with mother of pearl inlaid with MontBlanc hexagonal white star logo. Rose gold warmth caused trivial, blooming out of the ancient immortal beauty of beauty.

It is more hidden behind the only watch the main can know the beautiful secret, rose gold built on the bottom of the cover is not wearing a sapphire crystal, through it, can appreciate the more and more popular ladies treasures ─ ─ use Well-known Swiss craftsmanship of the mechanical movement, it is accurate, reliable and lasting, just like the dream of the lover exactly the same. This movement does not need to replace the battery, so that it is running the power of the wings of the wrist swing; even if not wearing a period of time, as long as the light holding the crown hand on a few laps, you can let it continue elegant line.Ladies or men, can be happy, but also with pairs

MontBlanc Star Classic Star Classique series of two-color chain with automatic watch rose gold section

At the same time with the beauty of the process, the traditional Swiss watch the exact, and beyond the end of the eternal beauty of the watch is the most sultry, but also the most effective release of attractive atmosphere. Mont Blanc Pens Online for women and men prepared a lot of such watches, their only difference in size, looks like it looks like twins.

Montblanc Star Classique series of two-color chain with automatic watch is one of them, it is divided into two sizes, female table for the 34 mm, male watch is a larger 39 mm, both are equipped with mechanical automatic movement. This table is the classical watch in the eyeless eyes, have become a century classic all the conditions. It is round and thin shell with a narrow bezel, with minimalist beauty and pure elegance, far better than the superficial and fleeting fashion. Warmth of overflowing 18K rose gold and cold color of the steel material common chain out of the two-color case and bracelet, forming a strong contrast. Female table with white beads Zhu mother pearl dial crystal luster, and male watch used by the silver-gray matte dial, are mixed with the color of steel moving son of the sonata.Montblanc Nicholas Kay Series day and night time chronograph

In the Christmas for the men carefully selected a timeless watch, so that he in the future days of different occasions are full of mature taste, is absolutely sincere gift choice. As the world's top watch brand of Mont Blanc Pens Online, especially carefully selected Montblanc Nicolas Kerry series day and night time stopwatch (Montblanc Nicolas Rieussec Rising Hours) for ladies to consider.

Montblanc Nicolas Rieussec Rising Hours The key breakthrough is that the hollow Arabic hour numbers match the two-color chassis and change color with day or night. Night falls, it will show dark blue numbers, while the day is black figures, users can easily distinguish between the night and the day. In addition, in view of many watches in the adjustment date, the user can not distinguish the number on the dial is day or night, resulting in the adjustment of the date window at noon twelve jump, in this table will never happen.

Careful observation of Montblanc Nicolas Rieussec Rising Hours development process, it is not difficult to find this series of family members have the same characteristics: time to use the turntable to show. Mont Blanc Pens Online is the first to use the turntable to display 60 seconds and 30 minutes of the watch brand, then the turntable will be used to display the second time zone; the new release of the Montblanc Nicolas Rieussec Rising Hours, hour display with two turntable overlap mode, it not only Can show the current hour, but also be able to show this hour belongs to day or night.

In addition to the traditional pointer, the Arabic digital dial with the window design, in recent years in the field of mechanical watch is not uncommon, used to display the hour of the Arabic numerals dial, with the minute hand Circle running, every hour slowly push a grid. Nicholas Keshi day and night time chronograph is the case, the traditional clock no longer appear in this watch dial, located at twelve o'clock position has a fan-shaped window, you can clearly see the turntable on the three hollow Arabic time scale, With a triangle above the logo, can accurately indicate the current hour position, the details of this watch has a forward-looking scientific and technological innovation.

This new self-made movement called MB R220, the patent mechanism consists of two overlapping turntable, the upper layer of hollow Arabic numerals 1 to 12,12 hours running a circle; the lower is divided into black and dark blue day and night display turntable , 24 hours running a circle. The hourly turntable continues to run, day and night display dial will jump according to the scheduled time instant, hollow hours of numbers, will accurately display the day or night on behalf of the color (the day is black, dark blue at night).

At the technical level, this mechanism is driven by the operation mechanism of two special gears. One cam is connected with the upper hour wheel turntable, the other is special, the two sides are slightly concave, installed in the lower and lower turntable axis, And by the cam-driven double-concave gear, that is, 12-hour turntable drive day and night turntable irregular 24-hour operation, the operation is as follows: three in the morning, two gears outside the start contact, driving day and night display dial to speed up; Half of the clock to seven o'clock in the morning, two gear teeth to engage, day and night turntable to maintain synchronous operation with the hour turntable; 7:30 to 9:00, two gear teeth separation, day and night display turntable rotation speed slightly slowed , Until nine o'clock two gears fit, so that day and night turntable completely stop rotation; three in the afternoon, the two cams began to contact, as the above 12 hours of the cycle.

The patented "day and night time" mechanism, which is particularly noticeable at two moments every day, will be dark blue in the left half of the hour marked "6" and the right half is black, symbolizing the night ; And at six o'clock in the evening, the hour mark "6" on the left side of the black, and on behalf of the dark blue in the right half.

This high-quality precision homemade movement, installed in the elegant Nicholas Kay round case, the diameter of 43 mm, the material is precious rose gold, and the case with the shape of the fine lugs, with brown plaid Crocodile leather strap, and rose gold to create a three-tier folding clasp, particularly outstanding texture. With a fine dent, easy to adjust the crown, the same 18K rose gold production, and embedded in the mother of the mother of white bees. Curved sapphire crystal mirror, both inside and outside to prevent anti-glare treatment, the table is also embedded in a sapphire crystal, easy to enjoy the automatic disk operation, automatic disk to the same piece of rose gold to create high-density gold to ensure that the best automatic disk Chain efficiency.

Montblanc Nicolas Rieussec Rising Hours Platinum and Stainless Steel, platinum limited edition of the world 28, with gray crocodile leather strap and 18K white gold folding buckle. Stainless steel with black crocodile leather strap and folding buckle.

These wrist watch from the appearance will be able to admire a lot of love table to know, let alone some of the craft and refined inner design, I believe that such a watch for gifts is the best choice.